Startup wa affiliation

As a representative body established to champion, advocate and advance WA’s technology startup industry, one of StartupWA’s roles is to highlight the contributions of meetup groups, events and programs, co-working spaces, investors and industry partners.

StartupWA’s Affiliation program recognises these partners and their roles, drawing on years of experience and expertise to guide and inform policy and industry development - for the community, by the community.

We acknowledge that organisations have different and, at times, divergent strategic priorities. However, we believe that StartupWA Affiliates are united by a shared Vision and jointly committed to its pursuit :-

To make WA an internationally attractive location for growing global innovations


StartupWA Affiliates are:

  • United in their pursuit of a shared Vision for the startup industry

  • Act in alignment with StartupWA’s Values.

  • Recognised on StartupWA website and other documentation as an Affiliate and may recognise their StartupWA affiliation on their own website (ie. co-branding)

  • Expected to contribute to policy discussions and, particularly in their sphere of expertise, the development of new policies in the best interests of the technology startup industry



StartupWA Affiliates are able to:

  • Contribute to the collective voice of the startup community. This is your chance to shape strategy and policies to support the growth of the tech startup industry

  • Provide deeper insights and involvement by way of Delegates, where applicable

  • Be recognised on StartupWA’s website and publications

  • Have events, programs and other initiatives highlighted and promoted to StartupWA’s audience by way of website, newsletter, social media posts, etc

  • Access private briefing events

  • Access new data, reporting, policies, tools, resources that support your activity

  • Be represented by an independent body - for the community, by the community

  • Help grow the technology startup industry, WA economy and global innovations



StartupWA Affiliates are expected to:

  • Be committed to the Vision and Values of StartupWA

  • Provide updates on member/reach numbers on a periodic basis

  • Provide at least one Delegate annually to contribute to policy development / engagement, specific to your areas of expertise and interest

  • Share StartupWA messages (eg. policies, events, etc) to their organisation’s audience, and provide feedback on their behalf

  • Have their organisation’s name, logo (if applicable) and general contact details published on the StartupWA website


To qualify as a StartupWA Affiliate, your organisation must:

  1. Run meetups / networking groups; events; working space; an incubator, accelerator or similar program; be a group of investors, advisors, industry bodies or similar;

  2. Have an office, activities or representatives based in WA (or intend to do so); and

  3. Focus on digital technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Meetup Groups

Co-Working Space & Events

Startup Programs & Incubators

Investors & Advisory Groups



Other ways to get involved

StartupWA Delegates are individuals (typically from Affiliate organisations) who have industry expertise / domain experience and contribute to the development of certain Strategic Initiatives and Policies.

StartupWA also carries out its work with support from Partners, who contribute financially and/or in-kind resources either:

  1. in support the organisation’s ongoing operations; or

  2. on a project-specific basis - eg. industry ecosystem reports.

Further details are available here.